Photo Courtesy Stuart Miles /

Photo Courtesy Stuart Miles /

Think you have an idea to explore and expand? Have some answers or suggestions for all of the working women out there? There are numerous sectors, domains and specialization areas in which women are successfully employed and even working from a higher management level. May be you are one such been-there-done-it-all person. If yes, surely you have a lot to contribute. And we need your advice. May be you have something specific to highlight after looking back on your career. Please do share your advice.

Following are the channels you can use to contribute to

Guide and help your fellow Indian Working Women by submitting ideas, suggestions on various topics ranging from time management to tackling office politics, from childcare to office conduct. Feel free to contact us to contribute.

We will be glad to work with you to publish your articles on our website.
Articles will be reviewed before publishing. A due credit will be published on the site for your contribution. All contributed content will always be marked as contributed.

Having said that, all your details are safe with us. We do not sell/share any contact information with any organization or individual. Do not be intimidated just by the thought of sharing your details online. What matters more on are your pearls of wisdom after years of experience!

If you still have questions, do leave a reply using the comment box below or write to

Thank you for extending a helping hand for millions out there! Your generosity will go a long way in creating a community!

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