Aug 26 2013

Return to work – the gut feel test!

Indian Working women - return to work the gut feel test

Recently a friend called up to help her in deciding when she should return to work after her second child. We talked for a long time discussing all pros and cons – only for her to hang up abruptly feeling even more overwhelmed. There are some wordly feasibility factors one can consider to evaluate the …

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Aug 21 2013

Understanding the career as a woman

Indian Working Women - Understanding the career as a woman

When we were young in the industry, we did not give a thought about understanding the career as a woman. No one else talked about it too. Now I not only wonder but believe that if one has the slightest of awareness of trying to understand the career as a woman, it would bring about …

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Aug 06 2013

Ready to return to work after baby?

Indian Working Women - Return to work after baby

Blink and it is time to return to work after baby! It feels as if it all started just yesterday. You know you want to continue to work yet somewhere there is this doubt whether you are really ready to join back. You have no clue how to assess the readiness. Breaks are very common …

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Jul 18 2013

Use career breaks as catalysts

Indian Working Women - Career

  We don’t like them, we don’t like to talk about them and we may resist them with all our strength. Yet the likelihood of a career break is far more for a woman. Every working woman has to manage several work- and- home balancing issues popping up every day. No one really wants to …

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