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Indian Working Women was setup in July 2013. The sole purpose of this site is to understand and give voice to the issues faced by urban Indian working women.

A majority number of women contribute to the workforce of India today. Though they may be from middle class or upper middle class strata, the stress they exprerience is trememdous.

We at Indian Working Women have been in the same boat and understand the pressures you often face. We hope that the articles and other resources here help you to better manage your day-to-day hectic lives.
We understand that Indian Working Women don’t want to leave their work. Though it may or may not be useful step towards making life little easy, we so dislike the thought of it! We surely need and want to attain a better work-life-balance though. Here we suggest ways you may follow to bring better balance in your work-life.

It is founded by a single person - a working woman with more than a decade’s experience in the IT sector. However it takes many hands to build a community. If you are willing to join us, have time at hand and most importantly share the passion, do contact us. If you have specific advice to share from any particular sector, we are even open to publish your one time contributions.

What actually inspired to start the website was the realization that more or less the issues we face are similar.  Being in the middle of a career roadblock is never easy. And surely many women went through the same experiences of marriage, childbirth, career breaks, sustained stress and childcare worries. Yet somehow the wisdom of those who sailed through these difficult phases does not make its way to the ones who need help in these peculier situations. We need a platform to maximize sharing the lessons learnt, to support each other in tricky phases. That is the motivation behind this humble attempt to build a community that serves to help other Indian Working Women out there.

From the small things over which we lose our sanity to the bigger ones like career breaks which have the capacity to throw us out of the game - if we help each other we believe it will turn out to be lot easier and lot less stressful.

Please note that expressed on this site are our perceptions of issues, challenges the Indian Working Woman faces and the solutions she tries to apply. These are not necessarily ‘the’ points to consider and the ‘only’ solutions which can be applied. We ackowledge that your views may be different. We respect them. We encourage you to share your own ideas and suggestions. They may be perfectly applicable to and appreciated by someone visiting here to look for guidance and comfort. Please do take time to express your valuable opinions.

The only requirement here is to be non-offensive and compassionate! Please remember that we are not here to ultimately gang up on anyone – spouses, In laws, other stay-at-home women. We are here to address our issues.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead


- Indian Working Women

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