Indian Working Women

Indian Working Women

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 It would not be an exaggeration to say that Indian Working Women are one of the busiest souls on earth. It is good to be in a country with strong cultural and traditional values still being followed. However, in situations when the time is less and deadlines are closing in we have to make a choice – to be present for the family function or to stay back in office for the delivery that week. And such choices, irrespective of whether they should or should not, end up adding to how others percieve us.

With everyone (including ourselves) wanting us to be excellent at every role we play, we are also a confused and a misunderstood lot! wishes to help by understanding working women, in reducing their stress, addressing the matters which haunt them often, maximize the sharing of lessons-learnt from each and every one of us out there and most importantly give a listening ear!

This site is for all Indian Working Women. You may be working full time, part time or on freelance basis.

With everyone (including ourselves) wanting us to be excellent at every role we play, we are also a confused and a misunderstood lot!

Or you may even be on a career break for now. Umm… well ok, may be on a much longer break you initially thought it would be! Either ways, you know it, life is not simple.

We encourage you to go through the various blog posts here. Or you can even visit quotes section for quick dose of motivation to help you get going again on a particularly bad day. If you have ideas or suggestions those are worth sharing, check out how even you can contribute and chip in to help other Indian working women out there.

If we make you feel comfortable in your own skin even for a day, it’s a success for us!


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